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Mr. Navaraj Subedi is a success icon among all youths of Pyuthan. He is praised by many youths not only because of his smart personality ...

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Most of us have the aim of having good job or business and making good future for our future generation but there are some people, who feel happy when they

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Puthan District is a "hill" district some 500 km west of Kathmandu in Rapti Zone of Nepal's Mid-WesternRegion. Pyuthan covers an area of 1,309 km² with population (2001) of 212,484. Khalanga is the district's administrative center, while Bijuwar is the business centre.


Pyuthan borders Dang District to the southwest along the crest of the Mahabharat Range and extends about 50 km northeast through the Middle Hills to a 3,000+ meter ridge that is both Pyuthan's border with Baglung district of Dhaulagiri Zone and the main watershed between the (west) Rapti and Gandaki River basins. Pyuthan borders Rolpa district to the west. Pyuthan and Rolpa share most of the Jhimruk river and Madi river upper tributaries of the West Rapti River watershed, above their confluence in the Mahabharat Range. On the southeast Pyuthan borders Lumbini Zone including Arghakhanchi and Gulmi districts.

The valley of Jhimruk Khola is the core of Pyuthan district. During the summer monsoon, Bahun and Chhetri farmers intensively grow rice on its irrigated floodplain as well as wheat as a winter crop.

They are catered to by Newar Merchants and service castes such as Damai(Tailor/musician), Gaine(minstrel), Kami(blacksmith), Kumal(potter), Sarki(tanner/leatherworker) and sunar(goldsmith). Highlands around the valley are mostly inhabited by Magars, including Kham Magars at higher elevations. The district center Pyuthan Khalanga is situated on a hillside east of the Jhimruk, some 500 meters above it. Madi Khola has eroded an inner gorge and is less suited to traditional irrigated agriculture.

The valleys have a subtropical climate with temperatures reaching 40 celsius in May and falling to single digits in winter. There is a little too much winter chill for bananas and papayas. At about 800m elevation, the Jhimruk Valley approaches the upper limit for mangoes, however Madi Khola is lower. Citrus, asian pear andmulberries are grown as cash crops in surrounding hills.

Scheduled buses serve Pyuthan via a black-topped road. Bijuwar is the main business hub of the district, which is 65 kilometer far from East-West Mahendra Highway. Khalanga is the district headquarter, which is nine kilometer far from Bijuwar.


Pyuthan was one of 24 small kingdoms in the Chaubisi Rajya confederation before Prithvi Narayan Shahunified modern Nepal in the second half of the 18th century. Since Dang District to the south and Salyan District to the west belonged to another confederation called Baise Rajya, Pyuthan was a western outpost of the Chaubisi and probably a defense perimeter defended by forts.


Pyuthan is the home district of Mohan Bikram Singh (1935-), a founder of the Communist Party of Nepal. Singh's organizational work in Pyuthan and other districts of Rapti Zone laid the basis for the area becoming the so-called "heartland" of the Maoist insurgency 1996-2006 that cost over 13,000 lives but was instrumental in transforming the country from a kingdom ruled by the Shah dynasty into a republic. Other prominent communist leaders from Pyuthan include Mohan Baidya, Lila Mani Pokhrel, Bamdev Gautam andNavraj Subedi.

Pyuthan is also the home district of Anirudra Sharma (Parliament 1959-1960), Sibraj Subedi (former assistant minister and Parliament 1991-1998), Mukti Prasad Sharma of Nepali Congress Party (Parliament 1991-1914) and Khem Raj Pandit General Secretary of the conservative and royalist Rastriya Prajatantra Party.

VDCs of Pyuthan District:

·          Arkha

·          Bandikot, Bangemarkot, Bangesal, Baraula, Barjibang, Belbas, Bhingri, Bijaya Nagar, Bijuli,Bijuwar

·          Chunja

·          Dakha Kwadi, Damri, Dangbang, Dharampani, Dharmawati, Dhobaghat, Dhubang, Dhungegadhi

·          Gothibang

·          Hansapur

·          Jumrikanda

·          Khabang, Khaira, Khalanga, Khung, Kochibang

·          Libang, Ligha, Lung

·          Majhakot, Maranthana, Markabang

·          Narikot, Naya Gaun

·          Okharkot

·          Pakala, Phopli, Puja

·          Rajbara, Ramdi, Raspurkot

·          Sari, Swargadwarikhal, Syaulibang

·          Tiram, Torbang, Tusara


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